PC133 & PC66 RAM

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So I ordered 256MB PC66 for my Beige G3 from other world computing. when i open up the package, i find 256MB PC133, I call up OWC, and they saw that PC133 is "backwards compatable" and that it will just clock itself down to PC66.

is this true, or did he not feel like going through replacing it with what i actually ordered? and if it is true, why do they still sell PC100 and PC66?


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    I went though the same thing with my PC at home. It required PC66, but the guy at BestBuy sold me PC133. I stuck it in, and it worked just fine.

    Incidentally, PC66 is more expensive than PC133, and PC133 is more tranferrable, so you're really better off with PC133.
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