Way to tell what video card a G4 has?

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Hey - I'm selling my G4 on eBay, and people are asking me what video card I have, and how much VRAM I have.

I can't find this info in my system profiler. How can I tell?

I have a G4 450, second revision. Also, bonus question - is my machine a Sawtooth model?

Would have posted this in the Genius Bar, but this forum is more robust. Thanks.


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    x704x704 Posts: 276member
    You can't find it in the system profiler?

    You're looking under the Tab "Devices & Volumes" correct?

    On the left about midway down look for "PCI". Next to it, it'll say something like SLOT-1 (AGP)" assuming you have an AGP. Assuming you find this hit the blue triangle to the right of it so it's pointing down. This will give you all the info you need.

    If you have a revision 2 G4 then you should assumingly have a Rage 128 Pro AGP with 16MB of ram. If you have AGP then it's a sawtooth model.


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    jambojambo Posts: 3,036member
    If you have OS X try opening the terminal and typing: AppleSystemProfiler

    It should list the graphics card in there.

    Or you could lift down the side door and read what it says on the card!

    J :cool:
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    Oh my goodness. I forgot to look in the "Devices and Volumes" part.

    Thanks everyone for setting me straight.
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