new iMac clues?

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while we still haven't heard of the usual sign of new products, stores announcing EOL (end of life) for iMacs in this case, what other clues have you seen?

Personally I have just gotten a new catalog from the main Apple store here in Belgium and they are giving away a free epson printer and HP digital camera with faster config iMac, and that retails for 1500$ (taxes included). Thats a pretty damn sweet deal.

Also when I talked to the people at the store, including the manager, if they also heard that an LCD iMac was coming, they basically confirmed it. Not that they know officially, but I would think they have a bit more of a clue.

I really hope they get rid of current iMacs soon. When I saw all the Apple products lined up next to each other at the store, the iMac just doesn't fit in anymore... with that really horrible 15inch screen. Yuck.

Anyways, anyone have other signs of new iMacs?


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    What store ar eyou talking about? Cami? MacLine?
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    xoolxool Posts: 2,460member
    Sales staff at computer stores are kept in the dark like the rest of Apple. They do, however, read the rumor sites and speculate just like us.

    For example, if you came in to Cal's store, I'm pretty sure we'd mention that new iMacs are highly likely to be introduced, but never would anything be guaranteed.

    Also, the Apple sales reps from Cupertino know nothing more than you or me or most of the Joes in the production facilities. All they could say is this: "The black curtain is up in the Elk Grove plant." This indicates that new secret stuff is in production... but what exactly is anyone's game...

    Sorry to dissapoint.
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    zozo Posts: 3,117member
    [quote]Originally posted by benmac:

    <strong>What store ar eyou talking about? Cami? MacLine?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    The ever pervasive Cami of course ;-)

    Great store (sometimes) but the prices they have on Ram is just fascist. They wanted 15,000bef (aprox 370usd) for a 512MB chip of ram for an iBook. I kindly looked at the lady telling me the price and said that that was a criminal and that I could order it for about 120usd. She just kinda had this expression of "oh well, suit yourself... others pay these blackmail prices". Also, they would never even give you a free lollipop even if you buy a few thousand dollars worth of equiptment. Agh.

    Aaaaanyway, education deals are giving away an extra 100$, and also the US online store is giving away the same HP digital camera, or 150$ off an iMac buy.

    There is no doubt, whether its TFT or not; that there will be new Macs.

    Dammit, 3 more weeks to wait.
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