What New York will bring....

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Here's what the buzz in the dealer channel is...

The PowerMacs would get an upgrade that would double the performance from the current machines. This would bring back the difference in performance between the New Imac and the PowerMac.

Apple WILL introduce the next generation MOBO for sure. This includes special Graphics Chips that would make the current towers look like Atari's.

The bandwith would be double to Memory.

Pls. check again after July 16th.... :cool:


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    stoostoo Posts: 1,490member
    I expect that Apple isn't telling dealers anything other than impying they need to clear the PowerMacs from the channel. I don't remember how good previous offers prior to an upgrade were. If the current offers are exceptional, then this may suggest that the current PowerMacs will become obsolete after 16/7.

    Although memory bandwidth will almost certainly double due to the use of DDR, hopefully the CPU's/CPUs' FSB(s) will match the RAM (unlike the XServe).
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    [quote]Originally posted by blackboard:

    <strong>Here's what the buzz in the dealer channel is...


    What channel are you watching? : <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" /> : Last I saw there was not a sniff of a word to our store. I work at a university and we sell Macs in the school store. We never get told about anything until after the fact.
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    programmerprogrammer Posts: 3,409member
    I'd bet that the dealers are watching AI Forums for any news since the other rumour sites have virtually nil. Now that they've seen that "the dealer channel is a buzz..." they'll go back and start buzzing about that, and everybody will start seeing rumours about dealers who are hinting at big things coming.

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    If anyone retail knows anything it will be folks in Apple Stores in the week or so before the show. There were several different reports of Apple receiving rMacs right before they went on sale to everyone. Of course that was just a minor update. I'm not sure if Apple would preplace a really revolutionary product beforehand.
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    bigcbigc Posts: 1,224member
    less money in my pocket and more money in apples...
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    stevessteves Posts: 108member
    [quote]Originally posted by blackboard:

    <strong>Here's what the buzz in the dealer channel is...


    Yes, we'd all like to believe something like that. This scenario seems unlikely for several reasons. Dealers are not told the details of future products. In fact, I would bet that Apple's sales reps don't even know the details until after the fact. I've had several conversations with several dealers - some that I know on a personal level. They've all confirmed this. They are in the dark just as much as everyone else.

    Further, making claims of double the performance is a very bold claim. All we know is that MOT will have a product that ships on the Hip7 process (.13u). If it's a G4, that *might* yield results in the 1.4 GHZ range at best, 1.2GHZ is more likely.

    As for graphics, we do know that nVidia is announcing a major new product in August. Once again, how much of a performance improvement can we expect?

    All I know is that I'm in the market for a new high end Mac. While I'd love this rumor to be true, I'm not counting on it in the least. I'd advise others to keep their expectations more realistic as well. Trust me, this reduces the post MW event depression!

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