How to Set up Mac to PC filesharing

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Hi All,

\tI just got a new PC running Win2K and would like to network it with my Mac so I can share files back and forth. I also want the PC to connect using my G4's modem if possible. Can anyone direct me to someplace that explains how to do this? I'm sure it would be quite lengthy to post here... As I'm sure you can understand, my weakness is not on the Mac end, but the PC end. I just don't know what to do on the PC.

Thanks for any info



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    newnew Posts: 3,244member
    just enable Appletalk on your win2000 server and yo'll be ok.
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    I did enable AppleTalk, but I don't know how to connect to the PC with my mac or vice versa. I'm kind of a novice to this whole networking thing, so detailed info is good info.
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    How do I set up the PC as a server? That's probably a better question.

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    Double Post...

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    no modem my man, ethernet. get a cross over cable, and set them up over tcp/ip. in your mac set your connection preferences to 'ethernet' and then set your ip to something like

    and your subnet mask to, then go to your pc... uh oh is this xp? harumph. well heres how you do it in others, you could finger out the steps if theyre not exact. network control panel, click on whateveer is called 'blah blah ethernet adapter' and then click on 'properties'... and set the information the same as above except make sure the ip on this one is different, like, also if you're running os 9 on the mac you're going to have to hold option? or shift? when you startup the os 9 control panel, and in the bottom right theres gunna be an advanced user button, click on that... and i believe you will either have to click on 'customize' again or some such or just select that tcp/ip be 'always loaded' as opposed to 'load when needed'. restart both machines and you should be able to run any tcp/ip service and see each other... ftp, hotline, http, quake3

    this was all from memory so YMMV, good luck... i had to stumble through this to get q3 and UT playin at pc lan parties... mmmm lan parties
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