Photoshop help needed...

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So i'm making Icons for Adium.

I've got a .icns file, which looks good. However, I need to create 3 .tiffs for the dock icon states- they need to be .tiff s

I have the photoshop document with the correct layering and transparencies, but when i save as a .tiff, it just flattens it into some ugly mass with a white background = yuck.

anybody want to offer a solution ?

im me @ jrw227


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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    You will need to make sure everything is in layer not flatten.......leave the turn off the background and merge all the visible layers.

    Select all and than hit apple-c to copy.

    Then switch to icongrapher or whatever...paste it

    Back to photoshop, make sure preserve transparency option is check. Fill that layer with black

    Copy that thing than go back to icongrapher and then go to the mask layer and the cmd-v

    Now you should see the edges are smooth...
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    Hey j... so this is your new-and-improved Adium icon, eh??

    Post it plz!!

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    Ok, StarfleetX..

    What I did was take MichaelM8000's AIM icon, and make a new state for the "alert" where it glows slightly - the equivalent of the flapping wings on the normal Adium icon.

    <a href=""; target="_blank">Here's a movie of it in action</a> (372 KB)

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