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Although it may seem difficult for Jobs to go back to a Newton like device that was developed by his predecessor Scully, he has an out.

Just as there were MP3 players before the iPod, none of them were any good.

Steve can simply say, "we've developed a better PDA. One whose handwriting recognition actually works and is also a wireless internet browser"


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    not to be a jerk

    but why the hell do people keep thinking Apple is going to make a PDA?

    They specifically stated that they were NOT going to enter the PDA market.

    Unless, of course, you would categorize a detachable wireless LCD thin-client as a 'PDA'. Which I wouldn't.

    If you do, we've got a serious confusion of terms here . . .

    Honestly, PDA sales are down across the board, aren't they? It's not an expanding market - it's a contracting one.

    I, and all of their shareholders would lambast Apple for getting into a lose-lose situation like that.

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    [not serious]

    Shut up! Apple "will" make a PDA!

    It will happen! you shut up... you!

    [/not serious]

    Some people like me... would love to see something small and cool...

    I personally would like to see a iPad...

    We can dream can't we...?


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