Who's still buying and using current iPod Classic 7th gen?

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I recently bought four (4) brand new 7th gen (160 GB) iPod Classics from the Apple store. Black one for me, silver one as a gift to my dad. And an extra one in each flavour which are to stay in their plastic sealed cardboard boxes. Forever.

I own everything Apple. Shuffles, all Nano's save for one model, MacBookPro, iPad Mini Retina, iPod touch 5, iPhone 4s (still prefer 3.5" screen"), AC Airport extreme's, etc.

But I can't live without the Classic. I tried using all others but my beloved old click wheel iPods had too little storage and don't get me started on using any iOS device to listen to music. Ugh.

May even buy another one for my truck.

Best overall device Apple ever built.

Well, that and the eMate300.

And the original iPod shuffle.

So who's using those Classics?


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    rtfmffs wrote: »
    So who's using those Classics?

    People may still be using them but few people buy any version of the iPod these days. Apple's financial reports are showing that iPods are declining in sales rapidly. Unit sales in the latest quarter were down again by 36%. They sold 2.9 million iPods worldwide vs 4.4 million Macs and 35.2 million iPhones. iPod Touches make up the majority of the iPod sales so sales of iPod Classics, Shuffles and Nanos are under 1.45m units. If this is evenly split between Nano, Shuffle and Classic, this means there are at least 72 iPhones sold for every iPod Classic.

    It's a good idea to stock up on a few and keep them sealed because they'll probably be discontinued soon. Just be aware that hard drives can seize up if they are kept in storage. If you plan to use them in future, it's a good idea to power them up regularly. If they are for collecting, it's ok to keep them sealed.
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    Got 3 shuffles (2nd gen) and one G4 ii imac. As an engineer, those are the best designed with most function per weight or volume at the time. True master pieces. IMO.8-)
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    I'm new on here and I stumbled upon your post. Anyways I was wondering if you still have your iPod classics? If so, I will be willing to buy one from you.

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