Silicon Summit 3

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Will Jobs be invited? anyone have a link? I just heard a commerical for it while watching the olympics... It sucked last year... this little girl got a $400 PC for free b/c she couldnt afford a computer... you would think that the richest people in tech could afford to give her something a little bit better...


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    Silicon Summit sounds like an expo playmates would attent to to check up on the latest technology of breast enhancement.
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    heh I think about half the CEOs who went to Silicon Summit 1 and 2 no longer have companies in business . Nah it's not really that many but it would be interesting to see if Jobs would accept an invitation. He's not the kind of guy who likes to share the stage it seems. And if Michael Dell shows up would there be a fight? . I'm sure Jeff Bezos will be back grinning ear to ear now that he's earned his first real profit. Should be interesting to watch.

    edit: Actually i just found this little clip about who will be there, no mention of jobs.

    [quote]Among the guests for this year?s event: founder and CEO Jeff Bezos; Chairman and CEO of Sony Corporation of America Howard Stringer; Chairman & CEO of Gateway Inc. Ted Waitt; along with top executives from Microsoft, Real Networks, Yahoo! and other industry-leading companies.


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    Jobs most likely feels those infidels are not worthy of his presence
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