Issues with Safari 8.0 on Yosemite

in Genius Bar edited October 2014

I can't figure out why Safari signs me out of the sites I'm signed onto when I clear my History or reboot my MacBook Pro. OS X 10.10 remembers my passwords but every time I clear my History or Reboot my MacBook Pro it signs me out of the sites I'm signed onto. I did not have this issue with OS X Mavericks or Mountain Lion.


Anyone having the same issue and knows a fix please let me know.




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    Having the same problem, its because, when you clear your history, its deleting website data.

    Im trying to find out where it is stored. Then copy it over from my cloned drive to my Yosemite drive.



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    The folder in question, is named LocalStorage.




    After, finding the corresponding folder on my cloned drive, i compared the contents on the folders, and just replaced the contents.

    The problem will persist, till Apple, decides to sort little issues with Safari.

    I surpose, its down to security etc. Otherwise, just have to use a different browser.



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