PopularMacintosh (PopMac)

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Starting a Mac news/rumors/games/gui/app/util/omg a bunch of stuff site...looking for people to help find content. Right now my weak points are GUI and Reviews. So far I have 5 staff not including myself.

If you want to see the not-so-set-in-stone design you can view it here: <a href="http://popmac.cjb.net/template.html"; target="_blank">http://popmac.cjb.net/template.html</a>;

When the site in its entirety is to be released it will be at <a href="http://www.popmac.com"; target="_blank">http://www.popmac.com</a>; and perhaps <a href="http://www.popularmacintosh.com"; target="_blank">http://www.popularmacintosh.com</a>; as well.
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