WinTel/ MS rumor sites?

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Although we all bash them, us Mac users are lucky enough to have a wealth of rumor sites to entertain us (MOSR,spymac,TS)...

I'm just wondering: do sites such as these exist for WinTel users? I'm curious to compare them to the Apple ones.


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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    If you move that f-ing football one more time I'm gonna hang you by your pig tails.
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    I don't know the answer to your question, but I imagine that if they do, each one only deals with a specific area. Your thread got me thinking:

    Probably the reason there's such a strong, nearly cultish Mac following is our more highly unified, consistent platform. Only one company combines the hardware and creates the operating for all Macs. On the PC side, various companies make the different hardware, and while many companies put the hardware together for a system (or users build their systems themselves), the OS is still created by even a different company.

    So I'd imagine that because everything is somewhat "disjointed" more in the PC platform, there would be less unified discussion/following on what's happening next for the whole platform. But like I said, I'd imagine there's a video card rumor site, a motherboard rumor site, a processor rumor site, a LOT of Windows rumor sites, etc. There's just no need for all of that on the Mac platform, because Apple's streamlined the way we compute.


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    sounds good cosmonut....only....I feel that mac users are not only in a more conveniant position to speculate and have this fun. but we also *care* about computers, generally ALOT more than our pc

    there is a very small % of PC users that actually care about computers...and in that % is an even smaller one that would care to do what we do....and furthermore it is 100 fold more difficult to have a PC windows site because, as cosmonut said, the PC platform is scattered and disjunct. various companies build them, various companies design them, and the only consistant aspect to them is Windows(and even that can be changed with linux..but lets not get into that)....a Windows rumor site probably exists somewhere...but talking about the devlopment of an OS that hasn't had any substantial break-throughs, or innovative implications just seems....pointless.

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