Where are these headphones?

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I recently found several Apple, Inc. patents, filed two years ago, while browsing the USPTO website, which refer to various aspects of the design and construction of these earbuds, but I have yet to see this concept realized anywhere on the market to date.  They have wireless connectivity, though they feature the same magnetic contacts found on many Apple devices, which would allow them to perform as a conventional wired headset, or as a power source for charging the built-in Li polymer batteries.  Has the Beats acquisition made the release of this hardware obsolete, or am I just not paying attention?  



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    Apple released a Bluetooth headset alongside the original iPhone. It was tiny and gorgeous and I STILL WANT TO GET ONE, because its battery indicator shows up on the iPhone’s screen all pretty like right next to its own. It’s seamless and whatnot.


    They discontinued it roughly when the iPhone 3G was released.

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