Tim Cook Visits VA Hospital Using iPads

in General Discussion edited August 2014

Ironic and Good Going Tim as IT Guys at VA in Canandaigua, NY when I worked there in 1996-1997 wouldn't Give us Mac Users in the Print Shop the time of Day with our Macs.

They would thumb their noses and refuse to help us with anything... I wonder who's helping them now with their Windows malware now that they're old and decrepit.... You can post all the famous sayings you want but it all comes down to is "what goes around comes around." I helped a Windows user yesterday figure out his never-ending Windows problems. ; )  Bought an Asus $1200.00 behemoth 5 years ago and has had problems since day one... Nice hardware but Windows has constant trouble recognizing ports and remembering that it's supposed to actually do work.

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