Customer Service Nightmare. Headquarters email and address for customer service!!!!

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Could someone please provide me an email or address so I can ask Headquarters to intervene on my behalf?. I have an ipad 4 and iphone in which somehow crashed. I do have the Applecare, however I spent 3 hours on the phone troubleshooting, 2 hours in my local store and countless hours yesterday by phone trying to get my ipad replaced or repaired. I just had open back surgery and was forced to go to my local store and they didn 't fix the problem.

No one wrote notes, but I did sign and get the phone fixed so I was there with Zac. I spent hours yesterday trying to speak with supervisors and I was given the run around, I asked them to put things in writing, they refused. One advisor told me to hang up after the first hour and call back to speak with someone else. Now, I have to go back to the store and let them try to troubleshoot it again. They refused to take blame or responsibility and get me a working ipad. I even offered to leave it. They refused. I have names, and will start taping my conversation to cover myself if I have to. The manager refused to send anything to me in writing.

There is much I want to say but I need headquarters customer relations director. I am a veteran who is meeting with Vocational Rehab to present a Federal Procurement business proposal on this Thursday. My ipad doesn't work. I NEED all Veterans to know what I experienced so that no one has to go through what I have endured. My only option is to mail it in or return to the store. I even tried the chat line. I did all they told me to do to include wiping it clean and start it as new. I went to Verizon as well.

So, please if anyone can assist me, I would really appreciate it. The half has not been told in this forum, this has been going on for at least 2-3 weeks. I am ashamed and hurt. A GOOD email with name and number and address would be divine. PLEASE HELP!!!

Just tired,

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