2015 iPhone line up

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It could become a mess. Not as a mess as the Samsung line-up, but it could become much more complicated.


Now we have:


The last model: iPhone 5S - 650$

Last year model: iPhone 5C - 550$

Two years ago model: iPhone 4S - 450$


Very clean, very clear line up, even if the 5C is technically not last year model, but that's how Apple has been doing for a long time now.


Now if we get two more screen size, how will the line up look like? It will strongly depend wether they keep an updated 4" model or not.


It could be:


new iPhone 5.5" - 850$

new iPhone 4.7" - 750$

new iPhone 4"- 650$

all sharing same internal, price difference based on screen size.

Then, for the lower end:

iPhone 5S - 550$

iPhone 5C - 450$

That's if they wanna keep an offering at 450$.


But that would be two more models to handle. Also, what about the names? 3 brand new iphones, which one would be the flagship iPhone 6?


Another option seen on another thread: 

iPhone Pro 5.5

iPhone Air 4.7

iPhone Color 4.0 (5S in plastic)

iPhone 5C ( 5 in plastic, only in white or black)


A simpler line up, but it doesn't make me happy as we sacrifice the 4" phone. But I do agree that 4" will be sacrificed, at least this year.


My opinion is that according to the leaks, we have seen only new case for a 4.7" phone. Leaks before the september event are usually quite accurate. So I think the 5.5", if they do it, won't be released at the same time as the 4.7", and to my disappointment there will be no updated 4" iPhone as we haven't seen any leak. So here is my take for september line up:


iPhone 6 4.7" 650$

iPhone 5S 550$

iPhone 5C 450$


3 model, and a clear and comprehensive line up as it has always been.


And maybe or maybe not a iPhone Pro/Air with 5.5" screen with same specs as the iPhone 6 for 750$. But it won't be released now, because they should have a clear flagship phone and a clean line up for the iPhone event. Maybe in december for christmas?


For the 4" phone, they could skip it this year and do an iPhone 6C next year, but to predict 2016 line up let's first see for 2015!


So what's your take?


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    So what's your take?


    They should have stopped the numbers when they hit the 6th model. Period.

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