Why ARM should work for Macs

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    Thanks for the link!

    Unfortunately I feel asleep last night reading the article. So I can't comment in depth and will hopefully find time later to finish off the article. However I look at ARM this way, Apple has no long term choice.

    Why would I say this? It is pretty straightforward really, as I've stated before silicon, in the form OS System on Chips, is today what the printed circuit board was in the 80's. It is where one does the engineering and adds the innovation that use to occur on the PCB. We can already see in the latest "A" series processors the advantages this gives Apple.

    This might suck for people that need i86 compatibility (I do at work) but for the rest of the user base it means nothing. In the end there are more advantages for the user by Apples going to ARM then there are disadvantages. If Apple came out with an ARM based Mac, I probably would be one of the first in line to buy one. As long as it runs Mac OS, has Java support and XCode support there is little reason not to gain the benefits of ARM.
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    With the A8 reveal you have to wonder just how far away an ARM based Mac is. If they can double the clock rate and add two more CPU cores I could see a very very nice low cost laptop being powered by these SoC.
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    As long as it runs Mac OS & World of Warcraft on maxxed settings with a minimum of 60fps, has Java support and XCode support there is little reason not to gain the benefits of ARM.

    Fixed that for you…! ;^p

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    Fixed that for you…! ;^p

    If only I was a big game player!

    One of the reasons I'm big on ARM in a Mac is that would allow use of Macs in low cost embedded solutions. I can see Apple Saving us some significant cash and deliver to us a machine that ca outperforms anything ATOM based, i3 based and maybe even i5 based hardware. That is with what we know about A8 today and the assumption that it can manage a higher clock rate. I can see A8 shaving $300 off the cost of a Mac.
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    Detailed analysis of ups and downs



    good detail at first glance. I'm at work so I'll need to read this when I have time at home.   


    DisplayPort over Type C USB is going to be huge for the potential of ARM based Macs. 

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