Apple Pay Card Authenication Process -- Some Questions

in General Discussion edited September 2014

Believe the biggest news from yesterday (9/9) isn't bigger phones or the "Watch",... in my eyes it's Apple Pay.  However I have a few questions on the card authentication process that some might be aware-of, but I haven't seen described.


1. I'm assuming you take a picture of your card, also inputting card number, the card's security code and somehow send that information to the card issuer to receive another alpha/numeric code via return text to authenticate the card.  Or is there something else?


2. After receiving an approval authentication, the card exists in your Passbook App, when viewing the card, do you see your name & account number, your name and a partial account number, or do you see no name and no account number?


3. How do you leave a tip with Apple Pay on your restaurant charge?  Do you request another billing with a tipping amount?

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