will we get windowshading with 10.2??

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or should i buy this shareware?

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    artman @_@artman @_@ Posts: 2,546member
    I did and I like it. What's it cost...$7.00? Get it!

    edit: no, I don't think Apple will add it...since it's a shareware choice now

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    mac gurumac guru Posts: 367member
    Actually I would expect them TO add it now that it's a shareware item. Just think about all the "add-on" INIT's OS 9 had and how many of them Apple adopted into the OS. I'd like to name a few but I'm catching a brief stint on the net in between classes.

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    kaboomkaboom Posts: 286member
    hell, I bought it the day it came out. Installed it on any machine I could find that had OSX on it.

    Apple should bring it back, but they think the dock is useful so I wouldn't expect to see it anytime soon.
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    thegeldingthegelding Posts: 3,230member
    [quote] edit: no, I don't think Apple will add it...since it's a shareware choice now <hr></blockquote>

    true...but how many people will search the web looking for it?? really think apple should just pay these people and the guy who makes usb overdrive and include these programs with the next os upgrade....would really like to limit all the little extra files all over the place....just my thoughts...i will probably add this though at 7 bucks and usb overdrive at 20 bucks....g
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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    No. Probably never again, but never say never.
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