Any Details on iPhone 6 "new" camera sensor?

in iPhone edited September 2014

I know this information is almost like pulling teeth for practically any vendor, but is there any detailed information on how/who Apple sources its camera sensors from?


Mainly I'm looking for reassurance that the camera sensor is not just the same one from the 5s with software enhancements to allow for phase detection autofocus. I am coming back to the iPhone from my beloved Android solely for the camera performance where I believe Apple leads the industry and where I've been disappointed with my Nexus handsets.


I like what I'm hearing about the dedicated image processing on the A8, but am not certain if this is the same as the 5s as well.


So beyond Apple's marketing that the sensor is "new", is there any concrete confirmation that the sensor is different than the 5s? The specs are identical as far as I can tell which doesn't matter to me at all as long as I get the image quality I'm looking for. I admire Apple for their courage in taking the educated approach of focusing on image quality over silly spec marketing, but also for the premium price I do want to know that I'm getting genuinely new, latest/greatest hardware.

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