iCloud Photo Library (beta)

in iCloud edited September 2014

I've been looking forward to having my entire photo library in the cloud and accessible that way. However, while I see that the feature is available in beta in settings in iOS8 I can't work out how you're meant to upload the entire library to the cloud. Mine is stored on my iMac yet without the new Photos app in Yosemite there still seems to be no option in iPhoto to upload the entire library to the cloud other than adding to a Photostream, which doesn't seem to work for the whole of my library either.


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    at this point there isn't likely a way since as you say, it appears to require Yosemite. I am not sure I really want my entire library on iCloud anyway as I have a ton of photos so I'm just happy mucking about with what is on my iPhone and iPad. 

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