Apple sales prevention team is busy, again!

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I tried to buy an Apple iMac for a client last week.   Their machine burned up trying to do updates on an AT&T DSL modem running at 1 MBS  (really!  Brand new modem and that's all it could do).  Updates ran for better than 8 hours, before the poor machine over heated and began locking-up.  First the wireless chip failed, then the GPU.  OK, it was older, but it was sad to watch an other wise good computer flail trying to download updates on a throttled down modem.   


Moving on, I offered to go pickup another iMac at the local Austin store.   


Oh, wait, they wouldn't hear of it.  Sent me away to talk to someone on the 800 number !!!  REALLY !   I didn't ask for any kind of customization, just a simple iMac !?


Long story short, they made me order and pay for it on-line and then wait an hour to confirm my order and wait one more hour (exactly) for my appointment to pickup something I had already paid for.   The store folks were even rude.   Yes, I was anxious, but I had a printed receipt in hand and still had to wait and wait and wait.


And, there's more bad news.  I had ordered a superdrive on-line, directly from the Apple web site.   When it didn't arrive in 5 days, I went on-line to look it up.  No record of my order !?  I though maybe I'd made a mistake, so I just bought one on Amazon and hey, it shipped over night, for $6 extra.  And guess what !   Yep, the superdrive from Apple showed up on day 6, a Saturday.   Well, at least it shipped by USPS and I didn't have to sign for it.  But really, that's not the two day service I paid for. 



Apple doesn't care.


I sent feedback about the bad experience with the iMac purchase.   I'm not bothering to complain about the slow delivery and there is still no order listed on my Apple web page !?  Now I have two of them !


What's happened to Apple


Anyone else experienced such poor customer sales experience?


I mean, I love the products, but I feel abused as a life long customers.    Is it my bald spot ?

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