iPad 2 with iOS 8

in iPad edited October 2014

If anyone is interested I reviewed the performance and features of iOS 8 on the iPad 2 :) 




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    WOW! I wished I would have seen this earlier.  I upgraded my wife's iPad 2 and it is a disaster.  So slow it's unusable.  A real shame.  And the worst is I tried the downgrade and apparently Apple has signed it out and I get the "this device is not eligible"crap.  I just wish they would have done that from the beginning.  Maybe there is a way around this?  Is is possible to jailbreak this?  And if so does that mean I can't use the App store?  What a mess!

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    Did you install via iTunes? An update and restore can sometimes speed it up, and also remember, for the first 48 hours or so of iOS 8 it will be reindexing things which will slow you down. 

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    My Ipad 2 is painfully slow with IOS 8. I see you have found the way to install IOS 7 back on the Ipad 2 can you please share how can I revert back to the IOS 7.1.2?

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