iPhone 6+ Bend Test Reportedly FAKE!

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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,217moderator
    Video filming isn't continuous. If the guy only has a single camera, he has to move it to show the closeup and you don't do that in the sequence that the video runs. However, the phone shown later on is bent on the same day and at a time before the first even begins to bend. Also the phone shown later on has no battery symbol nor carrier on the lock screen and no 'no sim' message.

    So they either bent two (or more) phones or they did something after bending it that affected the time shown on the device and lockscreen, though I'm not sure why the battery symbol would disappear. If they bent at least two phones then it's not so much fake as repeatable with multiple phones.
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    Still... the amount of force necessary to bend that thing hardly falls within "normal use".

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    This sort of testing is as idiotic as the screen scratch test.  Will it scratch?   Sure, if you use the glass cutter or a diamond.


    Will it bend?   Sure, if you exert abusive amount of force to bend it.


    Will it blend?   Sure, if you put the phone in the blender.   


    Most consumers with normal IQ's will not do such a thing to their phones.


    So, the guy doing the bending test must be an idiotic liar.

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