Dear Tim: please release a 4" model 6s

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I LOVE the 4.7" Ip6. love it.



My wife has a 6+ on order.



I'll NEVER get my 2 teen daughters to move to this bigger phone :-(.


It was a stretch to get them from the old ip4 to the larger 4s and 5. They are the typical kids that want to keep their phones in theri backpockets most the time. Even the 4.7" model is just too big...


So "let them keep their older phones!" you say... Well, Im fine with that, but *I* want them to have access to some of the ip6-specfic features, namely apple pay.


So, I'd love to see Apple release the 6s with a "classic" 4" form factor.... i think it would sell like crazy to people who are still sitting on 5s's right now and will be looking for an upgrade next year.


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    btw- my more style-conscious daughter would still prefer a 3.5" iphone!


    Too small for my eyes, but I'm getting old!

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    I believe the driving force here (well... limiting force, in this case) is battery technology.  More powerful chips (even though insanely efficient) and more radios running more often on our data- and connection-hungry phones means a huge battery requirement.  If Apple had an iPhone6 in a 4" size, I wonder if the battery life wouldn't be WORSE than previous models.  


    I have no doubt Apple is aggressively pursuing new or battery battery technology, but until something noticeably better is perfected, it's going to be difficult to keep adding features without making room for a bigger battery, regardless of the size of the screen. (Though the screen, especially at these resolutions, is admittedly the biggest battery draw on the device.)


    The short answer is: to have a variety of sizes (smaller) we're going to need a significant leap in the technology that powers these devices.

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    P.S. ... (per the poll) the only reason a 4" iP6 would be "popular" is because it would be cheaper.

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    I didn't defend the smaller screen size because Apple was smaller than competitors. I am very much a one handed iPhone user and prefer smaller sizes. Older posts on here have me berating the iPhone before I owned it for being so much LARGER than my LG Dare. Even now I am upset about the fact that the best camera is only available in the 6+.


    I just upgraded to the iPhone 5S purchased inexpensively from an upgrading and new iPhone 6 owner. I still love the size. I'd love to wait a year and upgrade to a new 4 inch iPhone that is thick as the current 5S (which could accommodate the best camera without a bump). Apple clearly has resolution scaling in place and if they wanted to offer a better display, they could go 1080 on the 4 inch so the dot pitch would be incredibly high but have it scale apps accordingly.


    Apple, it isn't just thin that is in. Small screens and pure one hand operation are still in demand by me.

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