iPhone recall refused by apple support

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My i5 serial number is included in the Apple recall of BOTH the battery and the Power Button.


Apple “Genius” at the apple store tried a variety of different excused to refuse to perform the recall repair but eventually said that since my phone has SCRATCHES….on the exterior of the metal body frame….they would not be able to send the phone in for repair.  My only option was to upgrade my phone. 


This was only one of several ludicrous attempts to evade responsibility and make a remarkably simple repair.  After waiting 45 minutes (beyone my appointment time) and spending 10 minutes arguing with the "Genius", I left the store and contacted apple support online.  


There, after TWO HOURS AND SIXTEEN MINUTES chatting with or waiting on "support"….a “Senior Supervisor” declares that the “Genius” was correct and that the terms of the recall specifically state that ANY DAMAGE AT ALL to the phone will absolve Apple of responsibility for the repair.  


I reiterated that the alleged “Damage” was a SCRATCH on the metal frame which in no way effected performance or reparability.  The “Senior advisor” said that the policy says “any damage”.   I argued that was like GM recalling a quarter million cars for a bad ignition switch but then saying that if there was any scratch in the paint, they didn’t have to fix the switch.  The “Senior Advisor” said….thats the policy.  


As I pointed out MANY times in my conversations with "support" Im not the least bit upset about the problems with the phone,  I realize that its a machine and (stuff) happens.  No Biggie.   But I further explained that I am LIVID over the pathetic "support" being provided to resolve KNOWN ISSUES.


If ya think I’m making this insanity stuff up, here is the transcript.




DeAnnaThanks for contacting AppleCare chat support. My name is DeAnna. Please give me a moment to look over your information.

Me:As the introduction says, My phone (model and serial number have been provided) is covered by not one, but two recalls (battery and power button). Like an obedient little sheep, I followed the instructions and made an appointment with a “Genius”. Today I arrived on time for my appointment and proceeded to wait….obediently…for nearly an HOUR beyone my appointment time to be seen by my “Genius” who proceeds to wipe my phone then tries to plug it into a charging cradle to run diagnostics on the phone.

DeAnnaHello, Cole. I see you’re having issues with a genius bar appointment and service, is that correct? I will be delighted to help you today. In the event you need to contact us in the future, you can visit our support site 24/7/365 at: support.apple.com. Your case number today is: *********

Me:When she has trouble inserting the phone into the dock, she announces that she cannot run diagnostics if it wont fit into the dock. We argue for a few minutes about this.

Me:Then she says that they will need to send the phone out to be repaired. We already knew this because we do our homework.

DeAnnaI am really sorry that you had an unpleasant experience, Cole. Was the phone sent off for repair?

Me:Then she say that they will have to remove the invisishild front and back protection and we wont get it back.

Me:Then she say that they will have to remove the invisishild front and back protection and we wont get it back. When we say that isn’t acceptable…she then comes up with a third excuse not to be useful….she says that due to scratches on the metal frame…she cannot send the phone for repair.

Me:five different times during our SEVEN MINUTES together...the "Genius" said we needed to upgrade.

Me:thats like haveing a recall on your car and having the dealership tell you the only way to resolve THIER problem is for YOU to buy a new car.

DeAnnaOkay. I can certainly understand your frustration with that, Cole and I really am sorry for the experience. Did the agent wind up sending the phone for repair for you?

Me:Now that you're caught up with this....issue. what next?

Me:I just got through saying that she said she couldnt send it in

Me:see above

Me:I'll wait...again

DeAnnaI appreciate that, Cole. I do realize that she wavered and then determined it could not be sent in for repair

Me:"frustration " doesnt begin to describe it

DeAnnaI apologize for that experience, could you bear with me a couple of minutes while I do a little research and see if there is anything we can do?

Me:she didnt waiver. She Said it needed to be sent in. then said she wouldnt do it.

Me:no probelm....patience seems to be my only option

DeAnnaThank you, Cole. I do appreciate your patience while I consult some resources. I do want to get the best and most efficient resolution for you.

Me:Simplest solution that I can think of is for Apple to call their store in Austin and suggest that they retrain their "Geniuses"

DeAnnaI can certainly understand your stance on this issue, Cole and I definitely want to get the right answer for you today. I am reaching out to my resources to make sure that we do all we can to gain a satisfactory resolution. I apologize for the wait.

Me:it is just fasinating that your text message diagnostics was able to discover that I do , indeed, have a battery issue. Stunning...considering the Genius's absolute insistance that the phone HAD to be connected to a charging cradle in order to run ANY diagnostics

Me:She even gave a rather snotty litte debate when we PATIENTLY explained that this wasnt our first time to have a phone diagnostic run and that NO ONE had ever relied upon a charging cradle. And when we pointed out that none of the other 12 blue shirts in the store had a Charging Cradle with them...he response was that none of them were doing what she was doing.

Me:Whe the discussion of the screen and back protectors having to be removed in order to replace the battery and power button, we asked if she had ever seen a youtube video on how to disasseble an iphone...two screws in the base...notihing effecting a screen or back protector

Me:when she finally got around to saying that scratches would prevent the recall work from being done and reitterating that we should upgrade...we decided that we had wasted enough time

Me:Ironically...we HAD planned to upgrade eventually, but as you might imagine, we have decided otherwise.

DeAnnaI see. I definitely appreciate your patience and I am just double checking if there is anything that we can do at this point. I do understand that you had a negative in store experience and I apologize for that.

Me:Incompetent "Genius" support cost you a sale. No biggie in the grand scheme of things. but indicative of slipping ethics

DeAnnaI have reached out to my senior advisor, Emily, who would like to take over the chat and help you from here.

DeAnnaWould that be okay?

DeAnnaWould it be okay to bring Emily, my senior advisor over to chat with you, Cole?


DeAnnaGreat, one moment please.


You are now being connected to another Advisor. Please standby.

EmilyThanks for contacting iOS. My name is Emily. Please give me a moment to look over your information.

EmilyNow chatting with Emily, case # ***********


Me:All I need is a new battery and a new button. Remarkably simple. Takes less time to do it than to type the message requesting it.

Me:At least thats what I thought before I started jumping through hoops.

Your chat support session has ended due to a temporary system issue. Please wait to be reconnected to the next available Advisor.

All AppleCare Advisors are busy taking other chats. An Advisor will join this chat shortly. Thank you for your patience.

JoshNow chatting with Josh, case # *******************

JoshThanks for contacting AppleCare chat support. My name is Josh. Please give me a moment to look over your information.

Me:case # **************** I was transferred to a "Senior Advisor" named Emily. then was mysteriously disconnected. Shocking surprise.

JoshHello there Cole! I apologize if there were any disconnections, but I see here you are in need of some service for your battery and Sleep/Wake button?

Me:equally shocking is that despite having my phone number and email address...there was no effort to reconnect with me when we were "disconnected"

Me:the last person supposedly escallated this. shouldnt you?

Me:Just trying to avoid wasting even more time...for ALL of us. THX

Me:I'll wait....again

JoshI completely understand and I don’t want to wage any of your time at all. I am reviewing all the information format he previous chats to see what I can do for you Cole. I do appreciate your patience.

Me:Patience is my only option.

Me:I would be DELIGHTED to do ANYTHING other than be "patient"...if that was an option

Me:After all...being patient has proven to be REMARKABLY effective. RIght?

JoshHonestly, I’d say you have been very patient and I think that all who have spoken to you so far are very grateful for that, despite the circumstances with your iPhone. I see that you are in fact eligible for the battery and Sleep/Wake button replacement, but there is some prior damage to your iPhone that’s causing concern correct?

Me:Duh. Im eligible. I could figure that out by running the serial number on your website. Awesome, youve caught up with where I was two days ago. yippee

Me:My frustration isnt with my phone. its a machine....(stuff) happens. problems arise with ANYTHING...I get that.

Me:Its how we resolve "problems" that defines our characters.

Me:Im unimpressed, so far. And I think Im still waiting for that supervisor to find her way back to the conversation.

Me:no worries. Im "patient"

Me:Now...while you contemplate whether or not I should be "disconnected" again...allow me to point out that I started out REMARKABLY nice..even apologetic for bothering those nice "Geniuses" on a busy sunday. but being nice has proven ineffective...and I have to explore different approaches until I find one that works.

JoshI do understand and I truly apologize that disconnections have occurred. We, in no way, purposefully disconnect anyone and I assure you that I will not do that at all. I am working as hard as I can to get the options you need. Again, I thank you for being patient and nice thus far. I don’t want you to be frustrated at all, but I get it entirely.

Me:Excellent...then you will understand when I politely point out (again) that this issue has already been escallated to a "Senior Advisor" and that unless you are also a "senior advisor" then we are just wasting each others time.

Me:I'll wait.

JoshI have a Senior Advisor here, Angelo, who would like to go ahead and take this chat over. Would that be alright to transfer you?

Me:just in case...if we are "accidentally disconnected"...please contact ME...dont make me chase them.

Me:I'll wait while they review ALL of the above so that I dont have to type it ALL again. Im patient

JoshI understand Cole. Thank you again.


You are now being connected to another Advisor. Please standby.

AngeloNow chatting with Angelo, case # *********************

AngeloThanks for contacting AppleCare chat support. My name is Angelo. Please give me a moment to look over your information.

Me:Hello Angelo, THis conversation started with DeAnne, way...way...way above.

Me:Thank you for your help.

AngeloHi Cole, I am a Senior Advisor here at Apple. I see from your previous chat that you are having some button issues on your device. Is that correct?

Me:I appreciate the effort to redirect an irate customer back to the root cause of the tirade. I will do my best to be brief:

Me:My phone has a battery and power button problem. I have a support problem. different but related issues.

Me:I think thats about as concise as I can get.

AngeloI’m sorry to hear that you are having issues with your device. I’ve had to setup a repair before and I know how frustrating an unexpected repair can be. I’m here to help outline the options we have available and then we’ll take whichever one best suits your needs in order to make sure this issue gets resolved.

Me:nice script.

Me:but if you actually read the transcript of the previous conversations, you would see that the device isnt my frustration.

Me:the phone is simply a machine...problems happen. I have no problem with that. NONE. The infuriating processes that I have had to go through for a remarkably simple resolution (as detailed above) is the problem.

Me:its worth taking a few minutes to read and understand. It was worth me taking the time to tell the story.

AngeloI am definitely reviewing the case information here. Thank you Cole.

Me:thank you, Angelo.

Me:if you dont have the prior transcript from Deanne and Emily, I have it copied and can paste it for you.

AngeloI have it here Cole.

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