Apple reports all iCloud services down for some users worldwide [ux2]

in iCloud edited October 2014
In an update to Apple's online systems status webpage, the company announced ongoing outages of all iCloud services, including account sign-ins, mail, storage and more.

According to the status page, "some" iCloud users on Monday are unable to access from all of the service's features, an issue that has lasted well over an hour at the time of this writing.

While the extent of iCloud's downtime is unknown, AppleInsider readers from the U.S., Australia and other countries are seeing the issue. Interestingly, only certain customers are being affected by the outage despite living in the same area and having similar hardware.

Apple has yet to reveal what exactly caused the breakdown, but informed guesses suggest the company is experiencing server issues at iCloud's central facility in Maiden, N.C. Alternatively, the company's content delivery network, launched in July, may be to blame.

This story will be updated as more information comes in.

Update: Apple is now reporting additional service outages for Documents in the Cloud and Photos.

Update 2: Apple's iCloud services returned to service shortly after 5 p.m. Pacific.


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    could this be in response to restoring certain user accounts affected by the "restore all" bug in ios?
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    And Canada too.
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    Yep - Im having that issue. Cant get iCloud mail. Can't connect to the iCloud server from Safari..

    For me this started after I updated the latest OS Maverick Security Patch... I am NOT saying it's related, but I noticed this started shortly after they pushed it out...
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    If you want your documents, pictures, etc. safe, don't store them in the cloud. Period.
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    Originally Posted by robotstorm View Post

    And Canada too.

    Wasn't aware that Canada isn't a part of this world...

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    freestate wrote: »

    Wasn't aware that Canada isn't a part of this world...

    It's not, last I checked.

    All of these things going wrong at once...something is odd here.
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    I would hope that this is a sign that Apple is fixing the iCloud Drive bug.


    Better to take all of iCloud offline than subject even more users to having their entire document library wiped out if they reset the settings on their phone. iCloud Drive should have never been activated in the first place without Yosemite, and this is just another black eye on a feature that doesn't even have all its functions complete yet.

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    iCloud was out for me (Northwest U.S.) for about an hour, but it's back up and running again now. 

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    My iCloud services on US East Coast were down for about a couple of hours, but they are up and running now.

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    My iCloud in West coast was off for two hours , But all good now.

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    I have a couple of iCloud accounts - one is down, the other is up. Both accessed on the same machine and the same software.

    Surprisingly (or not) it seems to have taken Apple a while to show any problems on their Service Status web page
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    back up and running here
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,665member
    robotstorm wrote: »
    And Canada too.

    "... for some users worldwide..." AND Canada too? Wow! ;)
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    I herd icloud would be renamed to mobile me.
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    elijahgelijahg Posts: 2,730member
    Isn't the data centre solar powered? Maybe the sun went in ;)

    Seems to be back up now according to Apple's status page.
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    Seems ok here in UK as far as I can tell.
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    It is true then that a company could only excel at one thing. Sigh.
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    mubaili wrote: »
    It is true then that a company could only excel at one thing. Sigh.


    In Apple's case, excellence.
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    All of these things going wrong at once...something is odd here.

    Remember that guy who was in charge of quality control of Apple Maps...? The same guy that was in charge of the patch for iOS 8...? Well, they recently banished him to the Maiden N.C. facility ... Yeah, THAT guy, Homer Simpson.
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    lkrupplkrupp Posts: 10,557member
    hovercast wrote: »
    I herd icloud would be renamed to mobile me.

    Trying to be cute and not being able to spell makes for a bad post. And it makes you look stupid.
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