iPhone 6 Plus (and others) Can't Sync Ripped Music from iTunes

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So I got my iPhone 6 Plus last Thursday, and I've since tried every iteration of syncing to get a large (11,971 songs) library onto my shiny new 128GB iPhone.


I thought I was alone, or that there was some anomaly in my iTunes library, but many others are experiencing the same thing.  So, I'll ask here - has ANYONE managed to copy and keep a large library of both ripped and purchased tracks on their new iPhone 6, iOS 8.0.2, and iTunes 11.4(18)?


My library syncs just fine, thank you, on my iPod Classic 120GB.  The same library will NOT copy to the iPhone properly through several syncs.


The best I can do is get it to copy to the phone after restoring the iPhone to factory, delete ALL music, uncheck iTunes match on both phone and iTunes, uncheck "Show All" music on the phone, and then uncheck "Sync Music" in iTunes.  Sync, verify there is NO music left on the iPhone.


Then, I can sync to the phone, but it takes five HOURS to sync 11,971 tracks to the phone.  Once I've done that, I can actually play all of it on my phone.


BUT, here's the problem.  If I *ever* sync again with the same laptop (Macbook Pro Retina 15", OSX 10.9.5), it somehow corrupts the music on the phone.  When I try to play music on the phone after several syncs, it skips over every song that is ripped, and ONLY plays songs I have purchased through iTunes.


I've ripped every CD I own into Apple Lossless, and transcode it in iTunes to copy as 256k AAC to the phone and to my iPod Classic.  It works fine on the Classic, but NOT on the new iPhone.  


As one of the many who purchased the iPhone 128GB model to finally converge their music device(s) with their phone, this is VERY disappointing.  There is a long thread on the Apple Support forums here, and there is currently no fix in sight.  I've opened a case with Apple Support myself, but no call back yet.


Apparently, this issue affects iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, and 6 Plus.  Kind of a big deal for us music aficionados.  Grr.


Here's the thread on the Apple Support Forums: https://discussions.apple.com/message/26780415?ac_cid=tw123456#26780415


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    Have had the same problem with a new 6+ (128gb cos wanted entire music library with me at all times!) ....


    Trawled through a very large number of of 'fixes' posted online ... this IS a major bag on recent updates of either iOS or itunes.


    Up until my last attempt all other solutions that had been posted did not solve the problem.


    The one that did was detailed and appeared to have agreement from Apple support that it addressed the issue. Apple are apparently coming up with a fix for the bug in next update.


    The problem appears to be based around duplications in the itunes library with purchased items (particularly older ones with DRM).. I went through my library removing duplications (a long tedious job as it turned out) and as i went through the process suddenly my iphone started updating and loading tracks onto the phone!


    Strangely enough it seemed to be doing in in in 'chunks' - which suggests that the various duplications were acting as stop points...


    anyway its worked for me


    I x

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    So I bought a new iPhone 6 128gb for the same reason you did- to hold my large library of songs once and for all!  And I'm running into the exact same problem in that it refuses to sync the music, or holds some but not others.  It's pure aggravation to say the least.  I've been to the apple store and worked with the genius bar 3 or 4 times now, had my phone exchanged for a new one, and still no solution.


    I am able to move them over to my iPod 160gb no problem by the way.  


    I haven't narrowed down what music isn't able to sync, whether it's ripped or not.  Either way hopefully Apple figures out a way to fix this quick or this new phone's days are numbered.  


    Please let me know if you figure anything out!!




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    I followed your advice and deleted all my duplicates and after trying some many other "fixes"  yours actually worked for me.  thanks! 


    I used the duplicate tool in itunes which made the deleting easier too. 

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    I had the same problem. It appears that the iTunes player on my iPhone 6 Plus did not like duplicate tracks I had ripped.


    By trial and error, I figured out that (it appears) the system does not object to, say, a track from an album and the same track from a 'greatest hits' or 'anthology' album -- I am guessing the album descriptor suffices to differentiate.


    But duplicate tracks from ripping a CD twice or having a ripped and iTunes purchased track were an issue. I was able to go through my 4000 songs in about a half hour.


    There is a 'Show Duplicate Items' on the dropdown under View in iTunes on the computer that you sync to. It is pretty easy to 'command' click batches to delete.

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    No, you can't make it. Since Apple get it full restricted!

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