Now that the Haswell MacMini is out, I'm left with a tough choice...

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Ok. So the RAM appears to NOT be soldered on the new MacMini. But that leaves me with two choices (actually three)P.S. I'm currently limping along with an old PowerPC iMac stuck on Tiger and using a secondary monitor due to the original screen being unviewable.


1) Buy the mid-tier MacMini at $699 with the Dual Core i5 at 2.6 Ghz and the Iris graphics card. I can either buy the 16gb RAM from Apple for $200, or buy it third-party for approx. $160 (then deal with the reselling of the original 2x4 RAM), upgrade to the 1TB Fusion drive (another $200), and buy an Asus 24" monitor (another $170). That's $1269 (or $1229 minus the resell of the original RAM).


2) Buy the mid-tier 21" iMac at $1299 with the Quad Core i5 at 2.7 GHz and the Iris Pro graphics card. Bump the RAM for $200, and the 1TB Fusion drive for another $200. No need to buy a monitor now. So, that's $1699.


So that's a difference of $430 (or approx. $500 with the RAM resell in option 1).


I have thousands of songs (7600+) in iTunes and thousands of photos. Along with basic everyday computer uses, I'll be using the computer for processing photos from my DSLR (as a serious amateur hobbyist) using an older version of Photoshop and maybe a non-subscription alternative to Lightroom (if there is any), maybe putting together very simple home videos, and using Garage Band and several software plug-ins for music composition/recording.


Is the spec bump to a Quad at 2.7 with the Iris Pro for the extra $430-500 worth it for these needs?


My third option… wait for that mid-tier iMac to be spec bumped with the Broadwell early next year? (I know now that the MacMini will most likely never be spec bumped to a Quad, and it would be at least a full year or longer before it got spec bumped to Broadwell).


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    Well this is severely disappointing. Macminicolo just verified that the new Mac Minis do NOT have user-upgradeable RAM. I waited over a year for the new Mac Mini. This is NOT what I had expected from Apple. The base model is a joke. The top-tier model is a very minor spec bump from the mid-tier for $300+ more (???). if the mid-tier was a quad core with user-upgradeable RAM for the same $699 it would've been perfect. Just pop in your own extra RAM for an additional $150 and you're set. Instead... Meh! Now I'll have to get the mid-tier iMac 21" (when I already gave a monitor, keyboard and mouse) with an Apple-installed 16gb RAM and spend over $400 more than I needed to. This may be great for the bottom line (heck, I'm a very minor shareholder), but for the end-user (which I also am) this truly stinks.

    Not happy!! :no:
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