iCloud Drive / Photos Library / Smaller Sized Storage Devices

in iCloud edited October 2014

Hello everyone,

I am new to these forums.

I have a few questions to ask as I am exploring options with my digital life with Apple.

I currently have a photo library (35-40GB in size). I want to upload it to my iCloud Photo Library. I know the Mac version of photos is not yet available. So I plan to pass the photos through to my iPhone via 3rd party app and add to the camera roll (folder by folder until fully completed).

My question is what happens when you have a 40GB iCloud Photo Library on your 200GB iCloud storage space but you have a device that has less then 40GB of local storage? Does your whole library not show?

I have added many photos onto my iPhone 6 Plus and the photo library is still 10GB+ in size locally (I have selected the option to download optimized versions only).

Does it take time to optimize or is this as small as it will get for being "optimized"? Will the device load thumbnails from the cloud temporarily just display what photos I have? I would really like to know since I have others curious about this as well.

What happens on the Mac side? Let's say you have a 128GB MB Air but your iCloud account is 200GB?

Also...if I just added those photos to a photo folder in my iCloud Drive...any good app out there to view them on my device?

Any help is much appreciated everyone....

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