xcode 6 subview with presentViewController

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I am facing issue with XCODE 6 IOS8.It was working fine with XCODE 5.1 IOS5,6,7.

I have create vcMain.xib & added two views, (view1 and view2). Inside view1 and inside view2 added vcView1.xib , vcView2.xib

And if you go to view2 from vcMain.xib there is another button vcView3 with presentViewController. My issue is if you use xcode 5.1 and you tap on vcView3 button which is under view2, in this case you will still see view1 button and view2 button on View3.But if I use xcode6 in this case while tap on view3 button view1 and view2 button hiding.


Please help me in this issue.

here is sample code



iOS 8.0.2, xcode6
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