Restrict app use in ipad - special setup

in Mac Software edited October 2014

I have the following setup.


An Ipad need to be locked only to use one app (that is quite easy)


Inside the app there are some categories, for example "car"

Under "car" there is BMW, Mercedes, Skoda


Inside the app there are some build in software buttons, to navigate.

So I disable the "home" software button inside the app and also the "back" button inside the app, so people can not get out of it the app.


But if I then press BMW it open a new page as it should inside the app, but then the "back" button is disabled ?, so I can not get back to the main category page, which should be possible


So "back" button should be disabled at the main page on the site, but not inside the categories. How can it be defined or can any give a app where this is possible to control ?.

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