Apple Macbook Pro 13'' ( Non Retina) Motherboard failure

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Hi everyone,


I have a macbook pro 13" bought in august 2012. Unfortunately it stopped working so i have taken the product to the authorized apple re seller (sales and service) "CONQUER Technologies Visakhapatnam" in India.


On my initial visit i had to leave my laptop with them as they said it's gonna take couple of days to check what the problem was. So two days later i have called them up and was shocked to hear that the ram slots are damaged so the whole motherboard needs to be replaced which will costs around 47,000 inr (roughly 800$). Now i blame myself for handing over my laptop to them in the first instance and sadly the product is not covered under warranty.


Is there anyway of getting it done cheaper? I kindly request all the members to help me out with the best possible solution. Thanks in advance


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    Go to a web site called 123 Mac Mini and perhaps you can get more help than this site.They also sell used motherboards in the classified section there.Good Luck.

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    kasukasu Posts: 3member
    Thanks very much
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    Thanks very much
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