Adobe Illustrator CS4 won't work

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Hi all,


New here. My Adobe illustrator has suddenly decided to stop working. I recently updated my Mac OS to Yosemite.


When I try to run Illustrator with the Console open, I get the following error messages (separated by a *):


05/11/2014 23:14:48.678 Adobe Illustrator[521]: WARNING: The Gestalt selector gestaltSystemVersion is returning 10.9.0 instead of 10.10.0. Use NSProcessInfo's operatingSystemVersion property to get correct system version number.

Call location:



05/11/2014 23:14:50.509 Adobe Illustrator[521]: Error loading /Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS4/Plug-ins.localized/Photoshop Formats.localized/PhotoshopImport.aip/Contents/MacOS/PhotoshopImport:  dlopen(/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS4/Plug-ins.localized/Photoshop Formats.localized/PhotoshopImport.aip/Contents/MacOS/PhotoshopImport, 262): Symbol not found: _map_fd

  Referenced from: /Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS4/Adobe

  Expected in: /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib


Does anyone have any clue about this?


Many thanks for your help!



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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,217moderator
    There's a thread here where others have experienced this:

    Looks as though one of Adobe's internal plug-ins makes a call to a system function that no longer exists. That function map_fd had a security vulnerability a while ago but Apple has obviously just removed it in Yosemite.

    If it's a minor update, Adobe might issue one but I doubt it. Mostly likely they'll just say to get Adobe CC as the support period for CS4 will have run out by now.
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    Adobe apps are, Illustrator in particular, are finicky. Move the wrong file or font and the install is worthless. Before you have a fit, try uninstalling Illustrator and reinstalling. It's likely that everything will be fine.

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    Think the CS4 suite requires Java as well.


    At least I got alerts and fed it Java and seems OK now.


    Although I can't get Photoshop's perspective tool to work. Instead of doing a perspective correct it zooms in on a single pixel.

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