Macbook Air vs Pro Retina sustained performance

in Current Mac Hardware edited November 2014

So these two systems (in the base processor config of each) perform somewhat surprisingly close to each other, despite the low base clock of the Air it can turbo up to nearly the same speed as the turbo on the Pro. The GPU side is similar as well, both have 40EUs, one turbos to 1000MHz and the Pro to an insubstantially higher 1100MHz.  Benchmarks reflect that one too.  


What I'm curious about though is long term sustained performance, ie a heavy render, or some light gaming. Would the Air start to fall back and hit its base clock speed sooner, or can both pretty much always sutain turbo? Anyone find any testing on these long term uses?  


My laptop is on its way out right now, I'm going to pick up one of these two very likely. Seeing how close they seemingly are complicates things for me, as the Air performs nearly the same, with higher battery life and less weight. Are they really so similar, or would the Pro pull away the longer you use it constantly? 

(and yeah, I appreciate the retina screens a lot, but to be honest the Air looked pretty darn good in stores too). 

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