Jim Heid is a bad, bad man!

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Sorry about that but I read his review in the LA Times and although he is 100% fair and honest that ended up hurting Apple.

Within the article he recommended a video package that came with the HP Pavilion that he was comparing the new Apple iMac.

I went and tried this package and it is awesome. It lacks digital effects so it still isn't as good as iMovie for me but it is definately a close second and could easily be bundled with those $499 Dells and things of that nature that already make it so hard for Mac users to convert PC users.

This program shows that Apple's lead in DV is dwindling. Hopefully iMovie 3 will come out soon and knock our socks off. Otherwise it is seriously going to get hard for Apple because most PC places are starting to throw in Firewire cards with OEM software like Pinnical Studio for like $30-50.

The new software that is starting to come out for the PC really offer some awesome features. Sometimes even if Apple offers them, they lock them to hardware and make it annoying for Mac users. (Example iDVD won't work with an external drive) This Studio program allows me to output to tape, avi in various formats, mpeg (can't do that on iMovie with out toast plug-in), streaming in Windows Media or Real, and share it on the Pinnical website. (Sound familiar)

I know Apple is the complete trailblazer here. I know they have lit the path and all these folks are just cheap imitators instead of innovators. However Apple needs to continue the innovation.

Apple hasn't updated Appleworks or iMovie in how long? Most PC's they will be going against come with the latest version of MS works (Sometimes even includes MS Word) and programs like Pinnicle Studio (sometimes included, sometimes like $30-50 to add in)

I hope Apple will fix this closing gap and in the meantime, Jim Heid of the LA Times, don't go giving away secrets that will hurt Apple.


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    ccr65ccr65 Posts: 59member
    I wouldn't be too worried about all this. The problem with being an inovator is that once you have made your big splash everyone else jumps in after you.

    Yes some of the video packages for Windows are getting pretty good but in real use they don't run as well and most of the free ones will continue to trail iMovie. For one thing a company like Pinnical is not going to pay as much attention to upgrading their free product as in enticing users to buy their commercial stuff. Apple isn't exactly offering iMovie for free for the same reason (although I'm sure they have had a few enthusiastic users get Final Cut Pro after getting a taste of video editing with iMovie).

    Microsoft's offerings in this area are really sorry. It might take them awhile but Apple never stands still on this stuff.
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    Apple stood still with QuickTime streaming and was surpassed by Microsoft and Real, both of whom peddled absolute garbage. Apple must continue to raise the bar or it will be trampled.
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    ccr65ccr65 Posts: 59member
    I don't know where you get that idea. As far as I have heard Darwin Streaming Server is considered a superior product by most professionals and the numbers on what player is most popular are definitely debatable. WMP in my opinion is vastly worse than Quicktime player. What's more is that Quicktime is in a class by itself when you add all the other technology it has in addition to streaming.
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    Referring solely to streaming. Apple had a virtual monopoly in video with QuickTime, before they let streaming slide with 3.0. The fact that Windows Media and Real files are relatively common when the players and underlying technologies are/were so poor should indicate something.

    Maybe Apple won't stand still this time, but don't expect the infinitely more powerful MS to do it either.
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    ccr65ccr65 Posts: 59member
    I really think this is a game of leap frog at this point. Quicktime 6 is outstanding it's just too bad that MPEGLA has to be so greedy. I highly doubt Apple will fall behind for more than one product development cycle on video in general but the focus within that catagory may shirt from time to time.

    Micorsoft's focus isn't in digital video as much as they might make it out to be. It's just one more (of many) markets they are trying to dominate As can be seen when they try to compete in the print publishing biz, to dominate you have to have a constant focus on that segment. The technology and trends in multimedia and print publishing change very quickly compared to networking and other markets. Microsoft's focus shifts often because they have their hands in so many things.

    My point is it makes it a little easier for Apple to keep ahead of MS at least in the core technology. I don't see any danger in MS overtaking Apple in digital media as a whole (and especially digital video editing). Marketing and bullying content providers to support an MS platform is a different matter.
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    Check this out: <a href="http://www.networkcomputing.com/1306/1306f1.html"; target="_blank">Streaming shoot out</a>

    Apparently Apple's darwin quicktime streaming server beats both real and microsoft.
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    calcal Posts: 17member
    [quote]Originally posted by trumptman:


    I hope Apple will fix this closing gap and in the meantime, Jim Heid of the LA Times, don't go giving away secrets that will hurt Apple. </strong><hr></blockquote>

    Hey, if Apple deseves it, I think they should get bad press or something that doesn't help them. Just cause there is an Apple on it, doesn't make it right
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    I smell trolls... <img src="graemlins/bugeye.gif" border="0" alt="[Skeptical]" />
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    rotten eggs :cool:
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    falconfalcon Posts: 458member
    The fact is that when you think you have such a good lead that you can rest on your laurels you will get bitten. Rabbit vs. The Turtle. Apple must continue to push the limits to all of its abilities. Microsoft didnt get to where it is by crushing the market place with Windows and then sitting around. Then kept the pressure on. Release concurrent and frequent updates. Pownding there competetors to the ground with updates. Making their competetors look like they where doing nothing. You can say many things about the quality of Microsoft products, but they know how to do business.

    You have to stay ahead. Never rest, never take a break, never think your position is safe.

    iMovie is in danger. If Apple hesitates on this they will get burned. iMovie3 with new and 'groundbreaking' features is a must.
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    stimulistimuli Posts: 564member
    Groundbreaking features like.... what?

    To go the way of M$ Office with an app that is designed to be dead easy could be their biggest mistake.
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