Just about 3 weeks to go..

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I'm amazed that there is only about 3 weeks to go until MacWorld and there is no concrete info on what the upcoming PowerMac's will be like (speed etc), just rumors.

Apple certainly does a good job of keeping a secret, isn't there anyone in the know with a loose tongue out there who would love to spill the beans?


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    tsukuritetsukurite Posts: 192member
    I'm sure lots of people would *love* to tell. 'Course, they'd love the keep their jobs and not end up in court too. Besides anyone that did post would be hounded and doubted so much that it wouldn't be worth it. *sigh*

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    "tsukurite" are you tryin' to tell us that YOU have something to tell us, but you are too afraid? You can trust us! I've been here only two weeks at APPLEINSIDER but already it's the most, helpful, kind, supportive forums out there. Come one tell us!!!!! ;-)
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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member
    tsukurite has a point. Sometimes insider information is taken in stride, and sometimes the poor contributor gets wailed on. Most of the time, both happen simultaneously.

    We don't really need another thread in FH about MWNY, though...
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