I-Phone problems for 4 months Case: 681151645

in General Discussion edited November 2014

My Iphone 4 is not working properly for the past 4 months. Bought on 5th July 2013. I have started complaining in apple India support customer care  18004250744 about the phone from June 2014. 


They asked me restore the phone and wait for a week . This problem was never resolved. Recently I was asked to contact the service company Ample Technologies. I am now told that they will replace with costs as it is beyond warranty.


Apple prolonged my case so that it is beyond warranty instead of asking me to go to apple service at the first instance and now asking me to pay


Highly unethical . I have asked for replacement without cost or I shall go to consumer forum .


What is the way to avoid such ways prominent so called reputed companies acting so indifferently?

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