MacBook Air Holiday Deals?

in General Discussion edited November 2014

Hi all,

I am trying to find the absolute best deal on a 2014 MacBook Air 13 inch (8GB ram, 256GB) with AppleCare.  I am closely watching the Appleinsider deals page as they show the Macs + AppleCare bundles at Adoroma and B&H, and currently they have this MBA + AppleCare for $1330 at Adorama (basically $219 off).  However, I have never bought anything through them before, so am a bit cautious of their return policies or customer service after the sale.  

I am also hesitant because I have seen better deals on the new iMacs and other Macs where the deal is AppleCare for free which would be great.  Sometimes they even throw in a $25-50 iTunes card.  I am also okay with buying the computer from one source and AppleCare from another, although these bundles seem to offer the lowest price. 

Basically, I just need some guidance from anyone out there who might know more about the usual timing of these offers so I can decide whether I should jump on the current deal or if there might be better deals coming either related to black Friday, cyber Monday, or even approaching Christmas.  I can wait a bit if I can get a better deal.  I just don’t know what to expect.  Any advice?



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