Anyone else see this ad on AppleInsider or know of this company?

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Recently got my iPhone 6+ from ATT.  Was actually surprised because they had zero phone case inventory in stock.  I went over to Radioshack shudder out of desperation and couldn't find anything.  The staff was helpful as usual /sarcasm.  Anyway, I've been trying to find a case for my phone and came to Apple Insider to check out some reviews.  While here I saw this ad:


What caught my eye was the "mountable" part.  Apparently the cases come with magnets in them and a magnet mount that you can stick in your car.  I called their customer service to get the scoop on magnets on my iPhone and was assured it is safe.  Did some sleuthing online and found the same thing.  


My question to you guys is:  Does anyone here have any experience with rockform cases?


 If so: How protective are they? Is the magnet really safe? How well does the mount work?


Thanks to everyone and anyone who can help.  Gonna add a poll for the heck of it.

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