Clear iMessages in Yosemite

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I have tried everything I can to clear the Messages out of Yosemite. I can't figure out if they're being sync'ed over iCloud or if they are cached somewhere but I've dumped all the application support files for Messages, cleared out the cache files, etc.  Nothing gets rid of them.  Deleting them one by one is absolutely asinine.


Any ideas?


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    shsfshsf Posts: 302member

    Have you tried rebuilding the mailbox, it's under the mailbox menu, the last one. 


    Also, try using onyx to run mail scripts, back up all your inboxes first, and then just delete the iCloud or other account and re add it. This last two options are the ones you probably should try first, before onyx. A rebuilt won't hurt. I presume cmd A and sent to trash doesn't work. 

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    It's "messages" the instant messaging app I can't get to clear... were you thinking Mail?

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    shsfshsf Posts: 302member

    yeap... :embarrass 


    I've not played with messages at all, as soon as I debug it, I 'll drop you note to see if something pops up along my end. 

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    Did you ever find a solution for this? I've got a laptop I only use maybe once a week, and it drives me crazy to have 200+ notifications on the app icon. I know I can turn them off all together, but it seems to defeat the purpose...

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