are my caseless days over?

in iPhone edited November 2014

Happy Black friday everyone :-)


just ordered a the iphone 6 plus, can't wait to get it! 


my current 4s is still in pristine condition after 2.5 years of constant use as it has always been protected with (only) front and back protective films that I replaced every few months, about 6 months ago I put one of those tempered glass protectors on the screen and I'm even happier.

love the look and feel of the iphone and would love to do the same with the new sexy device.


however, for some reason everything I read so far on the net gave me the impression thats just not going suffice with the 6 plus. that its too damn fragile/scratchable/soft etc and that I HAVE TO put it in one of those bulky cases.


can some of you real 6 plus users shed some light on this situation? how many of you are without a cover and how is the device holding up on a regular use?  


would love to hear some real life experiences here



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