Which 2014 Mini Mac for Home Server

in Current Mac Hardware edited November 2014

Hi All,


I am looking for some direction/points of view as to which model of the current shipping 2014 Mini Mac should I get for me needs?


I am looking to run this as my main iTunes library, which is currently 8TB and provides streaming services to four Apple TVs around my house, multiple mac's/ipads and iPhones using the iTunes Library. I would also look to run OS X Server for shared calendars, mail server for my family of seven and possible websites/blogs for my five kids.


From a memory point of view I would max it out at 16mb as its no longer upgradable by the user. Local storage does not need to be large as main storage will be access via an OS X iscsi initiator to my Sinology NAS.


So it really comes comes down to which processor?


Thanks in advance


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