Second phone number/second line...Google Voice/Line2/Skype/other?

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Hi all,


I've been a long time reader here at AI, maybe since about 2008 when I bought an iPhone 3G, my first Apple product. Since then I've always loved my iPhone, and its done pretty much everything I've asked of it. For the past couple years I've been having splitting thoughts on keeping my personal life separate from work. I've taken on two side gigs, thoughts swirling on starting a home business, and need a service that just works.


Google voice has been what I have used for a few years, but it disappoints on iOS, and I'm not eager to jump on Hangouts/voice/sms integration or whatever it is.


I've been looking into Skype ( for a Skype number or Skype to Go, but their call log/history leaves me feeling unfulfilled. Google Voice has a decent experience, but no VoIP (in app) or MMS is becoming more important in my uses, even for work.


Skype's app is miles ahead of Google Voice. Then there's Line2. I've been testing it out, and except for MMS (their customer support said it's definitely been talked about/in the works), their service is what I have been looking for. Everything stays inside the app, and calls are crystal clear, especially over wifi. The UI is better than Google Voice, but is due for an update.


Long post but thanks for reading, and appreciate any feedback from you guys on VoIP apps/services.


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    Hello.....anybody? Appreciate any thoughts from you guys on GV/Line2/Skype/etc VoIP services and your experiences

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