Apple Watch Technology

in Future Apple Hardware edited December 2014

Just a few a question for discussion/speculation:


1.) Will the Apple Watch track activity during the day without the iPhone? I know for biking/running you need your phone for the GPS capability but for your everyday footsteps ect. do you need your phone close by at all times?


- I debated about having to have your phone with you but I seldom go for some sort of cardio workout without my phone so its really a non-issue. But at work and at my house I often leave my phone on a desk/table and its not always on me 100% of the time. I've always been interested in an all day activity tracker but Im trying to see if the Apple Watch is right.


2.) What can it do besides keep time and have some usable apps without your phone nearby?


- It seems you'll need your phone nearby for all/most of the smartwatch functionality. I really like the device but Im trying to find where it fits in with my current technology use and what I want technology to do for me. I don't want to be anchored to my phone for anything except the GPS/Messaging usability. But I really want to be able to have access to Calendar and Reminders without my phone.


Im up in the Air because I'm not sure if something like the new Fitbit Surge is what Im looking for or if the Apple Watch is going to offer me the activity tracking I want along with the extra smart watch capabilities I know I'd enjoy.

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