Updated Google Drive gets iOS 8 extensibility support, Instagram adds filter management and new filt

in iPhone edited December 2014
In a pair of app updates on Tuesday, Google rolled out an update to its Google Drive app with support for iOS 8 extensibility, which lets users upload documents and files to the cloud from outside sources, while Instagram introduced five new photo filters and management tools.

With iOS 8's extensibility technology, Google Drive version 3.4.0 allows users to upload and save files from other apps without touching the main Google Drive app. Prior to the update, users were relegated to opening the cloud storage app and uploading from there.

In addition, the app is now integrated with Google My Maps, a custom map creation tool that sports layers, directions, points of interest, line drawing and more. With Drive, users can create new My Maps in-app or access previously saved maps saved to the cloud.

Finally, the latest Google Drive brings the usual unnamed bug fixes and performance improvements.

Google Drive for iOS is a free 49.8MB download from the iOS App Store.

Instagram hit version 6.4.0 with the latest update, bringing a few new features designed for its 300 million users, including five filter types and deeper filter management tools.

The update introduces filter named "Slumber," "Crema," "Ludwig," "Aden" and "Perpetua," all of which are available immediately after download.

With the new filters comes a revamped selection interface that lets users rearrange, hide and preview filters with tap and tap-and-hold gestures. Each filter comes with its own icon that overlays a preview of an effect on top of a blurred thumbnail image.

Instagram comes in at 13.4MB and is available for free from the iOS App Store.
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