iMovie 9.0.9 help in Yosemite needed

in Mac Software edited December 2014

Using iMovie 9.0.9 in Yosemite and I am using a late 2009 MacBook.


Yosemite works fine till i started to use iMovie 9.0.9


After Launch, then I went to my projects and then it started it spinning and  it would not stop. Then I went to look if I had to force quit it and I did. It said "iMovie not responding" It does it all the time.


I did not change a thing on this computer except for going to Yosemite 10.10.


Is there any workaround so that doesn't do this or do we have to wait till Apple fixes it if they ever do?


Also, When I put in my SD  card  in my SD reader iMovie would not launch it. So I had to go ahead and create a quick time movie and then imported in that way.  


That was the only workaround I founded be able to use iMovie again to capture video in iMovie 9.0.9.



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