iCloud Problems - Can iCloud files be accessed any other way??

in iCloud edited December 2014

When I upgraded to iOS8 and then Yosemite on my desktop everything went haywire. Very actively using Pages for several years with my iPad, I was looking forward to finally having a sync between the two devices without going through iTunes and all that rigamorole. (Kinda like the way, uh, Dropbox & Google Drive does it...helLO?) 

I couldn't get iCloud Drive to present ANY of my iCloud Pages docs on my Mac. When I tried to log into Pages through a browser, it dumps me out of the entire session back to the iCloud login screen. The only place there are the real Pages docs is in my iOS devices and even some of those docs are corrupted and not usable. Apparently, they ARE in iCloud in some capacity though b/c I can download them to the iPad and view them, edit, etc.  

I contacted Apple and spent the past 2 months on and off the phone with a rep who, though conscientious, did nothing. He contacted Apple engineers and they looked into the situation in all sorts of ways I can't even recount here. Ultimately, I want Apple to pull whatever data is on the iCloud servers and let me access it outside of the whole iCloud system. Manually getting the files from my iPad to my Mac through iTunes is a colossal pain requiring a 7 step process for each individual doc and with hundreds of Pages docs, it will take HOURS.  I realize this is unorthodox, but it's not as if I did anything wrong.  It's a new service and should work as advertised.  


In order to work through the Apple engineers as it is, I had to change my password and authorize them to access my files for the purpose of remedying the problem.  Since they've been that close to my data, why not go the extra distance?  I realize it's a lot to ask, big company, one little customer, but I'm curious to see if there is anyone out there who has been able to get tier 1 Apple support to get directly to data?


I'm also posting this to see if there are similar souls out there and as a warning to those who have yet to integrate the whole iCloud ecosystem.


Thanks for listening all

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