Problem in Pages when exporting to PDF

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Hi - I have been using Pages for years. 

Suddenly have a problem when exporting a document to PDF.

The pdf version has a huge margin on the left, which is NOT in the original Pages version... I have checked all details in the Inspector and the only thing that looks weird is the extra page area around the document on one side - looks like an area you get when laying out a multi-page document with facing pages.  Can only assume it is something to do with the Facing Pages setup, even though I am only writing a one page document, and also have NOT selected to do "facing pages".  EEEEK !  Anyone got any ideas how to remove, just want to go back to straight running pages, which export "as is" to pdf.


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    Pages doesn't even support facing pages (at least, the latest version doesn't), so I don't think that's the problem. It's difficult to say how you arrived at this problem though.


    Can you simply copy the text out of this document, create an entirely new document, and past the text into it—then export to PDF? Does the same problem happen then?


    Also, how are you creating the PDF? Are you hitting Print and then clicking the Create PDF button, or are you using the Pages' File menu to export as PDF?

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    What version of Pages?


    Do you have Comments turned on?


    This is not really the place to get answers.


    Go to Apple's Community Forums > iWork > Pages

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    Thanks for your reply - I have 2.0.2 version of Pages

    No, Comments not on

    Yup, will try Community Forums > iWork > Pages

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    Hi, thanks for your reply

    My version supports "facing pages" - can be selected in the Inspector - Document - Document Margins

    Yes, happens every way I've tried

    Yes - File - Export - PDF

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