Future ATMs will use ApplePay?

in iPhone edited January 2015

I predict in 5-6 years, ATMs will start adding NFC readers and promote more ApplePay for secure authentication to mitigate unauthorized cash withdrawals.  By then, other Google/Android flagship phones will be "forced" to develop (or license?) their own fingerprint ID technology as well, to keep up with ApplePay, so more and more shoppers will start to leave their bank cards at home or locked in their glove compartment.  Also, with EMV coming to the US this fall, most merchants will be "forced" to add NFC POS readers, so ApplePay (and GooglePay) adoption will start accelerating.  


Remember pin and chip cards are expensive for banks to roll out in the tens of millions.


Smart banks will continue to promote ApplePay because relatively more engaged/affluent iPhone 6, AppleWatch users will demand it.  For example, note that on Black Friday and Christmas Day in the US, iPhones produced 4X the level of PURCHASES compared to Google/Android.  Therefore, smart banks will want to cherry pick iOS and Flagship Android customers.  


As a further strong-indication of iPhone vs Google/Android use, if twitter is a proxy for engagement, this REAL-TIME TWEET map proves the extreme "relevance" of the iOS system as it shows WHERE worldwide tweeting comes from:  http://tweetworldtom.herokuapp.com


So US, European, Japanese, and Chinese banks and merchants will want to "cream-skim" their customer base and rush to attract and keep premium depositors (i.e., iOS users) happy and engaged.


Just the fraud/risk-of-loss mitigation alone is worth it to the banks to promote this more secure ApplePay ID solution, not to mention the quality-customer engagement.

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